As every journey has to end, the beautiful journey of Amal has finally come to an end. The sadness of its departure is still here but the joy of learning and accomplishment after this fellowship is great. For me, this journey has been nothing but a roller coaster ride.


I captured this picture from my balcony

As we gain experience from each activity in our lives, our experience doesn’t need to be very good. We all believe that each happening in our lives should lead us to a positive and great experience. But, in my point of view, it should be the opposite. I believe that…

Positive Reflection

For me, fellowship at Amal Academy had been nothing but a venture full of exploration and learning. When I started this fellowship, I was skeptical about whether I will be able to spare time from my busy routine or not. One of my friends advised me to not…

Pomodoro Technique


I decided to work on my final year project because I had to meet a deadline. I decided to apply energy balance on each equipment. As applying energy balance is very hard and whenever I start applying energy balance, I get distracted. …

Poverty, homelessness and joblessness

Problem statement:

Because of unavailability of food, shelter and basic necessities of life, homeless people suffer a lot. They suffer from malnutrition, face adverse effects of weather and cannot do anything for it because of joblessness.


Poverty is one of the main reason that people…

Amal Totkay:

There are 5 Amal Totkays:

· Self-Talk

· Create New Habits

· Get out of your comfort zones

· Ask people help

· Fake it till you make it

When I first read these Amal Totkays, I thought that they are pretty simple. So, I decided to implement…

#JustStart your goals.

Having goals is important but having Smart goals is very essential. The main difference between a simple goal and Smart goal is that a Smart goal gives us in depth knowledge about our goals. …

“Fixing things around yourself"

Fixing things is considered to be petty thing but when we look at depth of this, fixing is everything. Sometimes we feel like some situations are impossible to fix, but the reality is that everything is fixable. It is possible to fix everything. One should have…

Khadija Naveed

I am a chemical engineering student. I really like to write and I would love it if you all read my work.

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