Pomodoro Technique


I decided to work on my final year project because I had to meet a deadline. I decided to apply energy balance on each equipment. As applying energy balance is very hard and whenever I start applying energy balance, I get distracted. So, I thought of using Pomodoro technique to apply energy balance.

Applying Pomodoro technique:

I opened my laptop, word document of my final year project. I set Pomodoro timer (alarm) for 25 minutes. My task was to apply energy balance on each equipment of my final year project. I started applying balance on each equipment. There are 10 equipment in my process flow diagram on which I have to apply energy balance. I was on second equipment when my phone rang. I didn’t pay heed to my phone and continue doing my work.

Here I tried to show my phone ringing :D

As I mentioned earlier, it takes a lot of time to apply energy balance. I was doing my work when suddenly the alarm rang. I was on my 3rd equipment. I was happy I didn’t let any distraction distract me from my work. I put a small tick on my notebook and took a small break and had tea.

This is my cup of tea

I again opened word document and continued from the point I left. This time, I was able to apply balance on 2 more components. While I was on 6th equipment, my younger brother came to my room and started talking to me. I told him that I was busy but he stayed in my room. I didn’t let myself get distracted and continued my work.

Distraction 2

I just completed 6th equipment. I was very tired and needed a break. Luckily my alarm rang again. I put second small tick on my notebook and took that break to lay down a bit. But, the period of 5 minutes went so quickly. I stood up again and started working.

I started applying balance on 7th equipment. This time, I have just started applying balance and my mom called me. I had to go to listen to her. I couldn’t ignore that. So, I went to my mom, listened to her and came back quickly.

Distraction 3 which I couldn’t ignore

I applied balance on 7th equipment and my alarm rang again. I put 3rd tick on my notebook. This time, on my break, I had my lunch. Then I got back to work.

I applied balance on 8th equipment. 8th equipment was a bit difficult. It took me almost 20 to 25 minutes to apply balance on only 8th equipment. I didn’t realize it until the alarm rang again. This time, no distraction occurred. I was able to focus completely on my work. I put 4th tick on my notebook. I was happy and satisfied that the task I have been procrastinating for so long, was now almost done.

Tick mark for each task completion

After doing these 4 steps, I took a comparatively long break of 20 minutes. During this break, I helped my mom in the kitchen. Then, I came back in my room and applied balances on the rest of two equipment. While applying balances on those equipment, I followed Pomodoro technique. Though I faced some distractions or challenges while doing my task, but this Pomodoro technique helped me in staying focused on my work. Also, due to this technique I got to know the importance of small breaks during work. This technique was new to me but I really enjoyed applying this technique. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to avoid distractions but to achieve something bigger, we need to sacrifice small things. I am definitely going to apply this technique during future tasks as well. I will also encourage others to apply this technique in order to remain focused.

I am a chemical engineering student. I really like to write and I would love it if you all read my work.